High-quality kitchen cabinets are expected to last up to 50 years. As the longest-lasting component of your kitchen, cabinets should outlast appliances and countertops by a minimum of 30 years. However, this is dependent on the quality of the cabinets and how well they have been taken care of.

Of course, after a period of substantial use, cabinets and countertops are subject to the same wear and tear as the rest of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are exposed to more water, steam, and other damaging elements than cabinets in other parts of your home.

Cabinet refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is when you replace the kitchen cabinet doors, but keep the existing framework and shelves as they are. Since cabinets can last for such a long time, this is a very popular technique.

How To Reface Kitchen Cabinets

If your shelves and cabinet frames are in good condition, then refacing is a great way to make your kitchen cabinets look brand new by only replacing the front-facing part that people see.

reface costRefacing your cabinets allows you to update wood without spending a fortune, but that doesn’t mean refacing is cheap. On average it will cost around $150 to replace each door or drawer. This adds up, but not as quickly as entirely new cabinets. According to Angi, the national average cabinet refacing cost is $7,135.

If your cabinetry is made from solid wood in good condition, then you can usually expect a refacing project to last for another 15-20 years before needing a replacement.

Cabinet refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is when you make your cabinets look new by taking off the doors and renovating them. You can only do this if the existing cabinets are in decent condition.

For example, you might sand your cabinets down to get rid of grime and scratches on the surface. Then you could repaint them a different color and varnish them so they look brand new. You could keep the same fitting if you want, or you could screw on new handles and hinges.

How To Reface Kitchen Cabinets 1

The cost to refinish cabinets is low and will include the cost of labor and materials, including stain, varnish or paint. While you can expect to pay around $150 per square foot to reface a cabinet, refinishing should only cost between $4 to $6. Refinishing cabinets costs $2,899 on average with a typical range of $1,789 and $4,067. It's far cheaper than a new installation or refacing.

Not only is cabinet refinishing more cost-effective than refacing, it’s also more sustainable. Instead of throwing away old cabinet doors and handles, refinishing restores cabinets to their original beauty.

Over the years, your kitchen cabinets eventually show signs of wear and tear. The first few times, you can reface or refinish them, but eventually you may have to consider replacing them entirely. When that time comes, keep BWBE in mind for a superior kitchen remodeling experience. Our local company consists of experienced contractors that are civil engineers. Our experience as engineers allows us to bring the perfect combination of design and functionality to every project. We are logical, precise, efficient, and pay close attention to detail. View our past work and contact BWBE today.

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